Working well with Women with Disability

Over the past 8 months our team has been working in partnership with National Disability Services Qld and Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence to design, deliver and develop training and resources to enable the disability workforce to recognise and respond to domestic and family violence. This project is now complete and the resources ready for use by the disability sector.

We learnt throughout this project that women with disability are at far greater risk of sexual, domestic and family violence, they can find it harder to access support and when they do access support it might not meet their needs. This makes it easy for them to slip through the cracks. We realised that to ensure that women with disability receive the best support possible we also need to focus on professional development and resources for the domestic and family violence, sexual assault and women’s health and wellbeing sector.

Our response is ‘Working well with Women with Disability’, a five-part series that starts in September. We are delighted to be working in partnership with WWILD & QDN in development of this important series that is co-designed, developed and delivered with women with disability.

The aim of the series is to build confidence, knowledge, and skills to work well with people with disability experiencing sexual, domestic, or family violence. It will provide information about types of disability, gendered violence in the context of disability, communication, and resources and where and how to access additional resources or support when required. Advice, real stories and case studies from women with lived experience will make the series practical and engaging. As our sector is striving for increased inclusivity, the last session will explore organisational responses to ensure that services are inclusive for clients and staff with disabilities.

We invite you to join us for the whole series of workshops as each session will build on from the previous workshop’s learning, or just to take part in the ones of interest to you. Handouts and resources from each workshop will be made available to participants including those unable to attend all workshops.

The five sessions include:

  1. Foundational knowledge – women with disability
  2. Gendered violence in the disability context
  3. Good practice in working with women with disability
  4. Resources and support for working with women with disability
  5. Inclusion of women with disability in organisations as clients and staff

To find out more please go to:

Your engagement in this series will help shape the development of a recorded series and resources that will be freely available to all.

Keep in touch on Facebook where we will introduce you to the facilitators over the coming weeks.