Workforce Planning

Regional and Statewide Workforce Plans

Workforce plans guide our work and outline how we will deliver impact over the WorkUP Queensland five year workforce strategy.  These plans have been co-designed with the sexual violence, women’s health and wellbeing and domestic and family violence sector.  The workforce plans have a broad focus that is themed across the following workforce spectrum: 

  • Growing the workforce
  • Retaining the workforce
  • Developing the workforce
  • Supporting the workforce
  • Connecting the workforce, and
  • Sustaining the workforce

This workforce spectrum highlights the sectors commitment to building a strong and sustainable workforce and the need for a diverse range of strategies and actions to achieve these goals. 

The current implementation plan was co-designed with the sexual violence, women’s health and domestic violence sector for the next two years. Read more about the development of the workforce plans here.

View the current implementation plan here:

View the 2022-23 Implementation Plan.

View the previous Statewide and regional implementation plans here:

Statewide and regional implementation plans were developed to highlight our delivery focus for the 2020-21 period. View the Statewide Implementation Plan and regional implementation plans: South West South East, Central Queensland, Northern Queensland, and Moreton

Change makers: working together to end violence

As we have been developing the Workforce Plans, and through virtual knowledge circles, workshops and seminars, we are constantly reminded of the amazing strength and resilience of the workforce.

May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention (DFVP) month in Queensland to help raise community awareness of domestic and family violence and to reinforce the vital message that violence is never OK, not now, not ever.

During DFVP month, we are acknowledging and celebrating the change makers who are making their mark and driving change in the DFV sector across Queensland.

We celebrate these change makers for their everyday commitment to support their clients and the services that they provide and for the work they are doing collectively and collaboratively to help end violence. Read more about these incredible change makers here:

Lela Idagi – Aurukun Women Shelter Support, Cape York/Gulf RAATSICC

Aunty Elsja Dewis – Cultural Healer, Murrigunyah 

Holly Brennan – CEO, Centre Against Domestic Abuse (CADA), Moreton Bay Region

Ella Morter – Manager, Cairns Sexual Assault Service 

Mikhaila Markwell – Save the Children, South West Queensland 

Thalep Ahmet – Support Worker, Men’s business and trainee counsellor,  Helem Yumba, Rockhampton 

Rosemary O’Malley – CEO, Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a powerful tool organisations, sectors and regions can use to make sure they have the workforce they need now and for the future.

Workforce planning ensures the right people, with the right skills, in the right numbers are in the right location at the right time. It also ensures staff are organised and interacting in the right ways and ready to deliver the right services for better well being and care for the community.

Local services, in partnership with WorkUP Queensland, have developed regional workforce and statewide workforce plans. These plans will help shape the workforce of the future and what WorkUP Queensland delivers over the next five years. 

Workforce Planning Snapshots

The workforce planning snapshots provide an overview of the activities and consultation undertaken to inform development of the workforce plans.   

View the Workforce Planning and Data Snapshots here:

View: South West South East, Central Queensland, Northern Queensland, and Moreton 

WorkUP Queensland is continuing to build and update the workforce data snapshots.

For more information about Workforce Planning please contact us at