Workforce Planning

For the sexual violence, domestic and family violence and women’s health and wellbeing workforce.

WorkUP Queensland is planning our workforce capability and capacity building work with the sector for the next five years, developing a workforce plan to guide our work. 

We believe the workforce can be a significant driver of change in ending violence against women and children. Our job is to enable the workforce to do that, so please get involved in the workforce planning process and have your say. 

The workforce plan outlines identified priorities of the workforce to achieve goals overtime as well as effective workforce solutions strategies in response to identified goals. 

Workforce development strategies may include activities to grow the workforce such as promotion or attraction activities, workforce retention or support actions to keep the workforce and professional development to ensure that staff have skills and qualifications needed to do the work. 

We invite our colleagues in the sector to join us at workforce planning workshops being held throughout April and May. At the workshops we will:  

  • Imagine the women’s health and wellbeing, sexual violence and domestic and family violence sector workforce needed into the future. 
  • Gather advice about current workforce strengths, challenges, and priorities in your local context. 
  • Explore big picture reforms and emerging evidence about what people with lived experience want from services. 
  • Gather advice about the types of workforce development strategies work well for services. 
  • Hear about and use new resources developed by WorkUP Queensland to support services to undertake their own workforce planning and development activities.   

We want everyone in the sector to be able to have a say and help us shape meaningful and practical workforce plans.  Here’s how you can get involved. 

  • Attend a workforce planning workshop!  Hervey Bay, Caboolture, Logan, Southport, Mount Isa, Townsville, Roma, Ipswich, Rockhampton.   

If there isn’t a workshop in your location here’s how we can help you get involved. 

  • We will help you come to the workshop!  Apply for travel and accommodation support here. 
  • We will come to you!  We can visit rural and remote services and host a consultation with your team or facilitate an online consultation.  

We would like the opportunity to connect with as many services as possible while we are out and about.  Our team will make contact over the coming weeks to explore how might work for your service. 

You can register for the workforce planning workshops here or contact Christine Payne for more information.   

Christine Payne
Phone: 0400 999 184