What does good look like across our workforce?

This project presents an opportunity to develop practical resources to help organisations attract, recruit, and manage their staff.

We are working closely with the women’s health, sexual violence, and domestic and family violence sector to develop a sector focussed capability framework. A capability framework clarifies the knowledge and behaviour needed at different levels of the workforce.

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At a practical level this project aims to:

  • Provide practical support for organisations to attract, retain and manage their staff.
  • Promote better pathways and informs professional development and learning.
  • Support organisations in meeting demands (such as standards).
  • Support small and large organisations to plan and manage their people and organisations.
  • Create a common language to better support mobility of workers across the sector.

For further background, watch this video for a workforce capability introduction and view the first phase discovery report.

How to get involved

For the project to produce something genuinely useful for the sector we need to hear from you.

`Every conversation is part of the story’… so there will be flexible and easy ways to link in and contribute as the project develops. For now, you can:

    • Register for one of our upcoming virtual consultations below
    • Request a one to one or team conversation with Alisa Hall, who has been engaged to partner with us on this project. Email us to arrange this.
    • You can also share with us your feedback on the online form below
Online Feedback Form

For further information or to request a chat, reach out to John or Alisa:

John: John@healingfoundation.org.au | Alisa: alisa.hall@alisahallconsulting.com.au

This project is a priority action under the WorkUP Queensland Statewide Workforce Plan.

Upcoming Consultations


Building Workforce Capabilities with Managers/Leaders: Teams & Organisations Focus

Date: Tuesday, 14 December 2021
Time: 9:30am – 11:30am
Location: Online
Cost: Free

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Building Workforce Capabilities with Practitioners: Teams & Organisations Focus

Dates: Wednesday, 15 December 2021
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location: Online
Cost: Free

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Video Resource

Video 1 – Workforce Capability Framework Introduction

This video provides an introduction into Workforce Capability Frameworks, what the evidence tells us, the key benefits, and what it means for the Queensland sector.

Watch the video

Presentation Slides

Workforce Capability Framework Introduction

These slides provide an introduction into Workforce Capability Frameworks, what the evidence tells us, the key benefits, and what it means for the Queensland sector.

Download the slides


Workforce Capability Project, Discovery Phase Report

This report introduces the project, explores the available Workforce Capability Frameworks and surrounding evidence, and provides broad recommendations.

Download the report


Workforce Capability Project Flyer

This flyer provides an overview of the Workforce Capability Project, how it can support organisations and ways to be involved.

Download the flyer