The Feminist Governance Toolkit – Coming soon!

We are excited to let you know that the development of the Feminist Governance Toolkit is underway. This toolkit is designed specifically for boards of DFV, SV and WH&W services in Queensland.

Using your feedback, we are developing self-paced learning modules to support board members to understand the context of the work and also will offer specialist governance skills training to ensure compliance with relevant governance requirements.

Understanding the context of the work is crucial in ensuring that people doing the work are well supported and women are safe.

The toolkit may be used to support recruitment and induction of board members and as a helpful resource to connect current board members with their role and responsibilities.

To ensure the toolkit is easily accessible to busy board members the final toolkit will include 3 videos and paced activities. The three modules include:

  • Self and Connection to purpose
  • Board member capabilities
  • The nature of the work

The Feminist Governance Toolkit will be delivered online for testing and feedback from the sector during November and December. Once this is completed the modules will be online and freely available to all services. Keep a look out also for specialist Not For Profit governance skills development later in the year. This may include financial and legal responsibilities and specialist skills development for boards of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services.

Used in conjunction with specialist NFP governance training board members who participate will be well equipped to contribute purposeful, sustainable, and strategic governance of DFV, SV and WH&W services.

You may also wish to check out these new Governance resources developed by QCOSS –

Please contact Christine at if you would like any further information. Interested board members, CEOs and leaders are invited to register here for the workshops