Supporting, Equipping and Building our Workforce

The People, Culture and HR series is fast approaching.  We are kicking off with a jam packed 3-hour online forum to explore how the Workforce Capability Framework can support us to support, connect and sustain the workforce. 

In our work in DFV, sexual violence and women’s health and wellbeing it is critical to create solid, healthy foundations and practices that help to hold us in our work to provide the best service for our clients.  This first forum is going to dive into the practical ways we can best support, equip and build the resilience of our workforce.  This conversation is important for everyone, from brand new practitioners to seasoned leaders so please join us.   

The Workforce Capability Framework was created together with a ‘Wise Hive’ of experienced sector women.  Throughout the People, Culture & HR series you will have the opportunity to hear from some of these women and other sector guests.  These guests will kindly share their wisdom and ideas to help you bring the Workforce Capability to life in your own way, in your own service. 

In forum 1 which is being held online on 22 June, we will introduce the Workforce Capability Framework and supporting resources with a focus on reflective and self-aware practice.  Reflective practice is a protective factor in managing the impact of working with trauma and can also: 

  • Improve self-awareness. 
  • Keep practice on purpose. 
  • Enhance learning and confidence.  
  • Encourage critical thinking. 
  • Support personal and professional development. 
  • Enhance Communication and Collaboration. 

You don’t want to miss this series and we hope you will join us to help bring the Workforce Capability Framework and resources to life.  

Find out more and register here for this forum and all of the activities offered as part of the People, Culture & HR series The People, Culture & HR Series 

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We’re looking forward to seeing you.