Save the Date! SPARK webinar #3 Examining Whiteness and Racism
30 September, 12pm

The global Black Lives Matter demonstrations have uncovered some unsettling, raw and painful truths in Australia. For Aboriginal people and people of colour, this moment is part of a centuries-old fight against colonisation, white privilege and institutionalised racism.

Dr Tracy Castelino will deliver this SPARK webinar drawing on her 20 years of experience working to challenge and eliminate racism. She will explore how white ways of relating, of speaking intentions of solidarity, whilst important, reinforce the status quo: institutionalised whiteness.

This SPARK webinar offers the opportunity to explore the critical issues of responding to racism and institutionalised white privilege. Tracy will focus on naming the politics of whiteness, highlighting the benefits and unintentional pitfalls of solidarity and anti-racist work, and how we can use this moment to disrupt the way racism systematically destroys our relations with each other and ourselves.  Participants will also have the opportunity to reflect on what this means for themselves and their practice.

We invite you to join us to explore how we can use this moment in time to disrupt racism and step in to find new ways to relate to ourselves and to each other.