When it comes to establishing creative and innovative workplaces ensuring a safe space is vital. When people feel that they are respected, valued and have the opportunity and resources to contribute their talents and perspectives everyone benefits through increased creativity, innovation and productivity.

“When we speak, listen and think well together there’s greater productivity,” says Jan. “When we’re psychologically safe to challenge ourselves that’s where creativity, innovation and collaboration happens.”
A safe space though doesn’t mean a space for avoiding disagreements. “It’s about ensuring people feel safe to bring their whole self to whatever it is that they’re doing.”

If teams are to learn together, they must be able to ‘think together’ which requires that they develop the disciplines of dialogue and discussion. In productive, creative and meaningful conversations team members must suspend assumptions, listen, speak openly, share meaning and allow new insights to develop in the process of thinking together about complex issues.

Jan Ungerer has worked with countless individuals, teams and organisations to develop meaningful change. Jan is presenting two upcoming workshops ‘Safe to Stretch’ and ‘Ideas to Action’ for WorkUP Qld throughout August and September. Jan shares some insights about these upcoming workshops that have a focus on developing team cultures that enable creativity and innovation.

Jan is looking forward to equipping participants with knowledge, confidence and strategies for creating a culture where everyone is expected and encouraged to create and innovate, bringing the best ideas to life.

You can find out more about Jan and her work at www.insightfulcommunications.com.au.

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Contact Christine at WorkUP Queensland on 0400 999 184 or email christine@healingfoundation for more information.