Quick Tips for using the Workforce Capability Framework

Wow, the time goes quickly, the Workforce Capability Framework has been out in the sector for over 12 months! During this time the sector has been engaging with The Framework through information sessions and workshops, services have accessed individual support and helped us to create a suite of implementation resources. An action learning project is now underway, with participants sharing and learning from each other on how to bring The Framework to life in their services.

We would like to share with you some tips that you may find useful for using The Framework based on feedback we have heard from services. Remember, there is no right or wrong way. Services may prefer to use The Framework as the need arises or to delve right in on a change process to implement The Framework, either way is ok!

Job Interviews coming up?

  • Print off the overview of the capabilities and ask candidates while they are waiting for their interview to:
    • Pick two capabilities that they think are most important to the relevant role, and ask them to explain their thinking, OR
    • Pick two capabilities that they feel are their strengths and ask them to explain why.
  • Check out the Job Interview Question Bank to inspire you when creating interview questions.

Workforce Capabilities Overview

Need a team building activity?

  • Print the capabilities onto cards and then ask people to discuss areas where the team is particularly strong or good at and celebrate these successes/provide feedback to one another about contributions to the good practice identified.

Want to make staff meetings more engaging?

  • Invite staff to take turns presenting/sharing brief information about their role using the capabilities. This can help build connections and increase understanding across teams.

Preparing for your performance appraisal?

  • Complete the Self-assessment tool and reflect on your responses before the performance appraisal. The insights you gain will provide a great starting point for a conversation with your manager about your strengths, challenges, learning priorities, and career aspirations.

Thinking about stepping into a leadership role?

  • Explore the capabilities at the leadership level using either The Framework or the Self-Assessment tool. Identify the strengths you would bring to this role and those where you would feel extended and like to develop your capabilities.

Workforce Capability Framework Self-Assessment Tool

If you would like more ideas for using The Framework please check out the Implementation Tips on our website or contact us at workforce@healingfoundation.org.au.

These tips were created with Rosalie from Precision Consulting as a part of the Capability Framework Implementation Series.