Professional Development

By offering diverse and flexible professional development approaches, we support all learning styles and encourage workforce participation creating real practice change.

The programs offered are accredited and non-accredited and delivered through:

  • face to face delivery
  • coaching and mentoring
  • webinars and self-paced modules
  • facilitated action learning
  • resource development

We work in partnership with the sector to deliver innovative and tailored professional development solutions responsive to regional needs.  If you want to explore possibilities or opportunities for your region please contact us to share your ideas.

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Financial support to assist with travel and accommodation costs may be available for specialist domestic and family violence, sexual assault and women’s health and wellbeing staff who are registered for programmed events. For more information please contact us at

Learning approaches for big impact

WorkUP Queensland is now in the implementation phase of the workforce planning cycle that guides our work.  This means, we are putting your plans to grow and develop your workforce into action!

The professional development that we will deliver over the next twelve months covers a range of topics and purposes.  There are some common elements though that are carefully threaded through all of our learning programs to ensure that they make a significant impact and support transformational change.  These include approaches that are:

  • Self-directed – we will be delivering learning in areas directed by you because adults learn best when they determine what they want to learn.
  • Extend over time – we will deliver programs that build in time for thinking and practice of new skills because this is what helps to embed learning.
  • Inclusive – we will create learning environments where people feel safe to stretch because it takes courage to question thinking and test new skills
  • Reflective – we will ensure that critical thinking is built into our programs because this will support you to continuously learn and improve your skills back in the workplace
  • Collaborative – we will embed opportunities to collaborate into our programs where possible because trusted peers are well placed to both challenge and encourage you to learn

Learning activities that apply these types of principles can seem like a bigger commitment, and they may be, however they are designed to not only to teach about a topic but to support the development of a learning culture that can be applied within your own organisation for lasting benefit.  We have provided some examples below of learning programs that are happening now or are coming up soon and tick all the boxes in terms of high impact learning.

Mentoring programs are mutually beneficial, flexible, low cost and high impact.  Mentoring programs are directed by the mentoree, they extend over time, offer a safe and supportive relationship for learning and facilitate an ongoing process of practice and reflection.  We look forward to delivering leadership and cultural mentoring programs over the next twelve months.

When two people engage in an action learning program their whole organisation reaps the benefits.  Not only do they explore and learn about a topic of interest in a safe and inclusive learning environment they share their learning across their teams by engaging with them in a cycle of questioning, testing, adapting and improving.  This cycle doesn’t end but aims to be embedded within the organisation setting the scene for an ongoing culture of learning.

Learning Series that extend over time and consists of small learning chunks makes it easy for time poor people to engage in learning.  When reflective activities are built in it helps to put the learning into practice and when groups do this together the impact is even greater.  There are a number of online learning programs that use this approach that are open for registration now and more coming up in the future.  Check out New Ways of Working, or Foundations of DFV Work Practices for examples.