Global Rights for Women Forum – Videos Now Available

WorkUP Queensland is excited to announce the launch of video recordings from a two-day forum hosted in Loganholme in March 2023, co-facilitated by Global Rights for Women.

Global Rights for Women provides legal reform and systems change support using a survivor centred, coordinated community response prioritising equality and safety. As international facilitators, Global Rights for Women bring a wealth of experience as former executive directors and founders of “the Duluth Model.”

This forum was a one of a kind gathering that showcased inspirational local stories as well as invaluable global insights. The theme of the forum, titled “Looking In Looking Out: Locally connected, Globally informed,” aimed to create a platform for critical conversation, knowledge sharing, and reflection on everyday practice. By highlighting the significance of both local connections and global awareness, the event aimed to strengthen the voice of local sector professionals while exploring the wealth of insights and lessons learned from around the world.

The series of videos created at the forum serve as a powerful practical resource anyone wishing to explore local and global ideas in ending  violence against women.  We invite you to watch them individually and with teams and reflect on the insights shared by Melissa, Kay and Lori and local speakers Lyn, Rona and Karina.

Video 1: Following the Voice of Victim-Survivors with Melissa Scaia, Kay Arola and Lori Flohaug

This video presentation provides a comprehensive analysis of the lessons learnt by Global Rights for Women during its 40 years of experience in implementing coordinated community responses. It specifically highlights the importance of following the voices of victim-survivors as the primary driving force for any change process.

Video 2: Safety, Solidarity and Sacredness Panel hosted by Lori Flohaug including panellists Rona Scherer, Karina Hogan and Lyn Anderson

A panel of local indigenous women share their inspiring personal and professional stories, conveying messages of strength, solidarity, and empowerment. The panel discussion revolves around the importance of creating culturally safe spaces and aims to inspire.

Video 3: Four Pillars of Accountability with Melissa Scaia

This video examines the Four Pillars of widespread violence against women. Melissa Scaia discusses that whenever a group of people occupy a dominant position over another group and the relationship is one of exploitation and control, four pillars support it. These pillars are the social structures that support violence against women.

Video 4: Art of Dialogue when Working with Victim/Survivors or Perpetrators by Melissa Scaia

In this video presentation, Melissa Scaia invites participants to reflect on their role in respectfully challenging others and explores the barriers that can often hinder true dialogue.

You can view the videos here