FREE practical and targeted support for services implementing DFV standards

Did you know that WorkUP Queensland offers free, confidential, and practical support to implement the Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Services Practice Principles, Standards and Guidance?

This service is designed to work with you to identify strengths and specific areas where assistance may be required to support your service in complying with the principles.

When you contact us, the WorkUP team will link you with a DFV specialist who will then facilitate a structured conversation with you to reflect on your service’s engagement with the DFV Practice Principles, Standards and Guidance.

This conversation might reveal that you’re doing well and don’t need any further support, or it may indicate that one-on-one targeted support or links to professional development would be helpful. Either way, starting this conversation is an opportunity to reflect on and articulate your practice and build confidence for engaging with future workplace audits. All services are different, and the support provided will be designed to meet your needs.

WorkUP can provide support to:

  • enhance practice manuals
  • review policies and procedures
  • identify professional development needs
  • build skills in a range of areas
  • practise explaining what you do and why.

“It’s been about starting a conversation, opening up questions, keeping it simple and not overthinking.”

“It’s been invaluable to look back at practices and processes and make simple improvements that help us and the women we work with.

“Fantastic opportunity, so lucky to have the support, feel heaps more confident.”

– Former program participants

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Community of Practice

As part of this program, WorkUP Queensland has created a Community of Practice specifically for people working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in mainstream DFV services.

Each online session is facilitated by Gabrielle Borggaard and Rona Scherer and will explore 1-7 DFV Practice Principles, Standards and Guidance areas. Sessions are designed to be a safe learning space where people can share their practice and challenges and learn from one another.

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