Disputing tenancy database listings – new training this November

No one who is listed on a tenancy database like TICA should remain on that list where the listing is due to domestic family violence.

Tenants Queensland’s DFV Sector Capacity Building Project can assist workers supporting women experiencing DFV with tenancy advice. The DFV Helpdesk provides specialist tenancy advice for DFV and related services with a dedicated phone advice line to support services working with women affected by DFV.

Online training is also available to assist workers to understand their options when it comes to disputing tenancy database listings. Join us for two upcoming training sessions this November by submitting an Expression of Interest form here.    

A person can apply to the tribunal to have a tenancy database listing removed where it is unjust under the circumstances. Listings arising from domestic and family violence are certainly considered unjust. This involves an application to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and a small filing fee, which can be waived in cases of financial hardship.

Earlier this year, project worker Rose Brown worked with a specialist DFV worker from a High-Risk Team on behalf of Sarah.* One of the ways her partner exerted control in the relationship was by insisting Sarah was always the one to sign the tenancy agreement for their rental property. She was listed on TICA due to a debt for damage he had caused. Sarah had even paid the debt but the TICA listing remained.

Sarah was staying at a women’s shelter and would have been able to afford rent in the private rental market but was refused a rental property continually because of the TICA listing. With a long waiting list for social housing, Sarah did not have a lot of options for more permanent accommodation.

Together with Amelia* the High-Risk Team worker, Rose prepared the application to the tribunal, drafted statements, suggested evidence and drafted a letter of support. Amelia and Sarah organised a copy of the TICA listing from another local service, sourced copies of receipts and other evidence. Sarah made copies of the application and submitted it to the local courthouse. The agent then contacted Sarah and removed the listing without the need for a hearing.

It’s always worth disputing a listing – sometimes agents are not interested in attending hearings and the woman has a good chance of getting an order to have the listing removed.

If you are supporting any clients who have a tenancy database listing or are concerned about a listing, please contact Rose on 3708 4833 or send an email to roseb@tenantsqld.org.au

*Names changed for the purposes of this article


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