DFV Practice Standards & Regulatory Framework  Specialist Professional Support 

This project aims to support DFV services with implementation of the Practice Principles, Standards and Guidance.


Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Specialist organisations and their staff provide complex and critical services for victims and perpetrators of DFV. The work is crucial to improving the safety of victims and the accountability of perpetrators and is consequently embedded in best practice requirements, legislation, funding agreements and other expectations.  

The Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women (now the Department of Justice and Attorney-General) developed the DFV Services Practice Principles, Standards and Guidance and funded DFV services have been expected to comply with these from 1 January 2021.  

The DFV Services Regulatory Framework was developed to ensure that DFV Services demonstrate compliance with the DFV Services Practice Principles, Standards and Guidance through the HSQF auditing process.  

To support services WorkUP Queensland has developed the “Practice Principles, Standards and Guidance Support” project.  This is a confidential service to enable services to assess how they are going with implementation and to provide assistance if required.  

What’s on offer? 

  • An opportunity to connect with a DFV specialist to reflect on how your service is engaging with the DFV practice standards and regulatory framework and identify any areas of development required 
  • One on one, targeted service support if required. 
  • The development and delivery of group support sessions in areas of need identified across the sector. 
  • Referral to other specialist support or resources. 

This service is designed to identify specific areas of the standards and guidance where organisations may need assistance and is not meant to be a full assessment of the HSQF requirements. 

This brief video provides an overview of the DFV Practice Standards & Regulatory Framework Specialist Professional support.

To find out more about the Practice principles, standards and guidance please click here.

How to access the service? 

Please complete the service request below. A WorkUP team member will be in touch to gather more information and provide a referral to the DFV specialist or other supports as required. 

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