Creating opportunities for change in 2022

This year WorkUP Queensland is continuing to work with communities to build partnerships, deliver work in meaningful ways, and create opportunities for real change.

Reforms continue to impact the sector at national and state levels, as the National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022-2032 and recommendations from Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce Hear her voice report are implemented.

The sector has made contributions to these reports and will continue to provide input through consultations and submissions to key projects – including the current discussion paper on women and girls’ experiences across the criminal justice system as survivors of sexual violence and also as offenders.

This year WorkUP Queensland will also be implementing a statewide workforce plan and delivering a workforce capability project, practice studios, a mentoring program and other key events.

The workforce capability project clarifies the knowledge and behaviour that is needed at different levels of the workforce and sets out how individuals and organisations can adapt, grow, and continuously improve to achieve the highest standards of practice. It will be flexible and adaptive as needed, rather than a mandatory framework, and is driven by workers’ aspirations and insight into the core capabilities across our diverse sector.   

WorkUP Queensland will continue to develop and refine the workforce capability resource using flexible and inclusive engagement approaches. Input from more than 120 individual sector stakeholder contacts will inform the resource’s development.

Email to learn more or get involved, and be sure to join the WorkUP Facebook group for the latest updates.