Collaborative Grants can bring your great ideas to life

WorkUP Queensland’s $10,000 Collaborative Grants offer several benefits to the Domestic Family Violence, Sexual Assault and Women’s Health and Wellbeing sector: 

  • Rich partnerships between services: Collaborative Grants create opportunities for meaningful work across services and across the sector.  
  • Increased resources: Collaborative Grants allow researchers and organisations to pool their resources and expertise, which can lead to more significant and comprehensive projects down the track. 
  • Diverse perspectives: Collaborative Grants bring together services of the sector from across Queensland providing diverse perspectives which can help identify new approaches to helping to sustain and retain our workforce.  
  • Networking opportunities: Collaborative Grants provide networking opportunities with other services and staff that could eventually lead to new collaborations and research projects in the future. 
  • Enhanced impact: Collaborative Grants can lead to research projects with a more significant impact on our sector. From little things, big things can grow! 
  • Improved research awareness: Collaborative Grants can help our sector become aware of current and up to date more rigorous and comprehensive research, as multiple researchers can provide feedback and peer-review each other’s work, leading to higher quality research outputs. 

Overall, Collaborative Grants provide a valuable opportunity for services of the Domestic Family Violence, Sexual Assault and Women’s Health and Wellbeing sector to work together towards a Queensland that’s free of Domestic Violence.  

To find out more about how our Collaborative Grants can bring ideas to life contact Rona Scherer on 0498 443 551 or on