May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention (DFVP) month in Queensland to help raise community awareness of domestic and family violence and to reinforce the vital message that violence is never OK, not now, not ever.

During DFVP month, we are acknowledging and celebrating the change makers who are making their mark and driving change in the DFV sector across Queensland.

We celebrate these change makers for their strength, tenacity and resilience.  For their empathy, kindness and caring. For their everyday commitments to support their clients and the services that they provide and for the work they are doing collectively and collaboratively to help end violence.

As we have been developing the Workforce Plans, and through virtual knowledge circles, workshops and seminars, we are constantly reminded of the amazing strength and resilience of the workforce.

Read more about these incredible change makers and their contribution to driving change as we work together to end domestic, family and sexual violence.

Lela Idagi – Aurukun Women Shelter Support – Cape York / Gulf RAATSICC

Aunty Elsja Dewis – Cultural Healer, Murrigunyah 

Holly Brennan – CEO, Centre Against Domestic Abuse (CADA), Moreton Bay Region