Action Learning for Inclusion with Daile Kelleher, CEO at Children by Choice

Recently WorkUP Queensland had the opportunity to speak to Daile Kelleher, Chief Executive Officer at Children by Choice. Below are some highlights from our yarn about her involvement in the ongoing Action Learning for Inclusion process.

WorkUP Queensland: What drew your interest to take part in the action learning process?

Daile: Two of our staff attended the ‘Same, Same but Different’ forums on inclusion and thought it was a process that was an incredibly valuable opportunity for learning. We saw that it needed to be taken seriously by leadership. I made the decision to come on board. It’s a commitment as an organisation, it’s a long-term thing.

WorkUP Queensland: Tell us about the project you will be working on as part of the action learning process.

Daile: We are doing our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). We had talked about this as important and realised it takes resources and time. We wondered how we do it in the best possible way and with a small workforce. We’ve already formed an internal working group and talked to the management committee about their involvement and commitment. The next few months will be about reflecting on what we do currently. We want to have the foundations down for a draft RAP… to consider submitting to Reconciliation Queensland.

WorkUP Queensland: Describe how your service will look when you have paved the way for greater inclusivity?

Daile: For us it’s about the resources, education, access and awareness raising. We are the only ‘all options pregnancy service’ – in this way we are unique. All our outwards-facing resources need to be culturally safe and supportive.

WorkUP Queensland: How do you plan to celebrate the success of your project?

Daile: Weaving it into what we do would be a success. Celebrating the formative stages of moving forward but also making it part of core business and embedding this way of working.


Thank you to all those involved in our action learning – we hope to continue sharing their stories.