A New Resource for Boards

The Intersectional Feminist Governance Toolkit is under development.  Thank you to everyone in the sector who has contributed ideas and provided feedback during testing workshops between November and December 2023.  A special acknowledgment to Gabrielle from Inner Vision Consulting who has worked with us to develop this essential resource.

The toolkit is designed specifically for boards of specialist gendered violence services in Queensland using feminist values, frameworks, and practice principles.

It is designed to complement (not replace) specialist Governance Training with context and considerations for boards of specialist gendered violence services in Queensland. WorkUP Queensland will also offer NFP and Cultural Governance training in 2024/25.

What is included in the toolkit?

The toolkit contains a workbook providing information, case studies, links, and individual and board reflective questions in three sections:

  1. Connection to purpose
  2. Board capabilities and effectiveness, and
  3. The nature of the work

The toolkit features a series of six videos that bring to life the case studies in the workbook. The videos will be created with actors playing roles such as CEO, Board Chairperson, and Board Member and cover the following topics:

  1. Intersectional feminist governance – what is it?
  2. Governing a victim-survivor-centered service – gender analysis
  3. Showing up – values and beliefs
  4. Working in solidarity
  5. Board composition, and
  6. Role clarity

The sector (at all levels) is invited to contribute to the final product by sharing their insights into the topics listed above.  The sector’s comments may be weaved into the videos/workbook using quotes and may help shape concept development.

If you would like to contribute your ideas, please do so via the brief survey below https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QDBJB99.