Improving workforce capability: what does ‘best practice’ look like now and into the future?

WorkUP Queensland’s Workforce Capability project is nearing the final stage of development, and we are looking forward to sharing the resulting framework with you soon.

Developed in response to ongoing workforce challenges, the framework is a practical resource to help organisations attract, recruit, and manage staff.

How will it work?

The framework is a foundational piece, highlighting what is core and common across all work settings within the Domestic, Family, Sexual Violence, and Women’s Health and Wellbeing sector across Queensland.

It articulates a shared vision of how individuals and organisations need to adapt, grow, and continuously improve to achieve the highest standards of practice.

It will do this by identifying five high-level capability domains, with supporting capabilities in each. These capabilities are unpacked in knowledge and behaviour statements across four levels of the workforce.

Practical examples of how this resource could be relevant to your work include:

  • creating and revising position descriptions and selection criteria
  • helping to guide and refine interview questions to support recruitment
  • supporting reflective performance development and appraisal conversations
  • identifying learning and development needs and training responses
  • aligning workforce capabilities with organisational strategic planning.

The framework’s implementation and application will be flexible, so you can tailor, adapt, and use what you need, with targeted support, learning, and development along the way.

If you haven’t yet connected to this project and would like to learn more, please visit the Workforce Capability Project webpage or contact

Thank you to our contributors

The development of WorkUP Queensland’s Workforce Capability project has been both a celebration of the sector’s strengths, as well as a shared discovery of what will be needed in the future.

We would like to acknowledge and thank all sector networks, WorkUP’s Reference Group, and various stakeholders who have provided specialist input and helped to shape this significant workforce initiative.

A special mention to the ‘Wise Hive’ project advisory group, who generously acted as critical friends guiding, challenging, and informing the content, look, and feel of the framework.

In collaboration with the sector, alongside Alisa Hall Consulting, WorkUP Queensland engaged in candid, insightful, and sometimes challenging conversations to unpack the nature, complexity, and richness of the sector’s work. These conversations have helped to create a resource that is meaningful, inclusive, and that maintains authenticity by using sector language, and that prioritises practical use by workers, managers, and others. We look forward to sharing it with you soon.